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21 A/S


Face & Body Care

All Over Indulgence

Created with natural plant extracts and essential oils, our products will leave you feeling drenched in luxury, beautiful and confident.

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21 A/S Beauty System

for Acne Prone and Sensitive Skin

For a limited time, our 21 A/S Beauty System is on sale in this special package.

System includes Facial Cleanser,  Nutrient Mist,  21 A/S Facial Creme, and Bathing Minerals.

Bought separately, the value of this 21 A/S Beauty System would be $87.00

While supplies last, purchase this special package for $77.00

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Suffering from acne and/or sensitive skin? 21 A/S Creme may be what you have been looking for! Our natural ingredients are formulated to specifically target troubled skin, aiding in reduction of blemishes, redness, scarring and sensitivity.


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21 A/S Nutrient Mist This Superstar performs brilliantly and should be an essential foundation of your skin care regimen. Medicinal essential oils are the only oil used in this product, so you'll never get a greasy feel, just renewed, repaired, clearer appearing skin.

Use 21 A/S Nutrient Mist after using 21 A/S Facial Cleanser, spraying a fine mist over all skin you wish to enjoy the amazing benefits of this skincare powerhouse. It can be used alone or under/over makeup, and is very effective when used before 21 A/S Creme


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Prepare for a dreamy, lovely time basking in the luxury of 21 A/S Bathing Minerals, pampering your body with muscle relaxing mineral salts,  skin soothing colloidal oatmeal, featuring extra portions of Tea Tree and other pure essential oils to both calm inflammation and treat your senses. 


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