Cris Naturals 3 Pack: 8 oz. bottles of Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol (Colloidal Silver) 6ppm, save 30% off the individual price, and share with family or friends.

Government tests clearly indicate the superior benefits of charged ions (300 to 17,000 times more effective) than most salts or metallic forms. Silver ions are 17,000 times more effective in saline blood than metallic silver. Colloidal Silver has a long medical history dating back into the 1930's. The positively charged ionic form has well documented broad anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and immuno-suppressive properties plus effectiveness on most parasite eggs. Unfortunately, many think raw metallic particles, a non-soluable mineral form, can be used by your body, when only soluable minerals (ions) are!

Cris Naturals Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol colloidal silver is a liquid suspension of microscopic ions of silver.

Due to the Wuhan Flu/Covid-19 virus outbreak we are offering special pricing on this product. This page is for the 3 pack purchase only.

Additional ingredients: Pure distilled, ozonated, multifiltered water.

3 Pack Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol (Colloidal Silver)

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