This is an extra large bar of our finest artisan glycerin soap, very lightly fragranced with that hot pink gum smell we all knew as kids. Though it looks playful and for children, it makes a great showpiece under a glass dome.

We add extra natural ingredients to make it the finest soap you will buy anywhere, extra hard to last a long time, and skin nourishing oils and butters to leave your skin super soft. It's pretty enough for a gift or to keep for self pampering me time, just be sure children know it's soap and not dessert!


This is a very small hand crafted batch of natural glycerin soap offered in rectangular or square shape.

Price is for one Bubble Gum artisan soap bar. Props, tray, etc., not included.

Bubble Gum Artisan Soap Bar

  • To maintain the beauty and long life of this product, allow it to dry between use, and be sure to keep it in a well drained dish.