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KerrrrrPOW! Cherrybomb Artisan Soap is a great novelty for those who like unusual items. This soap really does smell like cherries, the outside looks like it's been dusted with ash, but will turn red as you use it, making it look more like a cherry and less like fireworks. Great for kids and adults alike, just remember to remove the 'fuse' (rope) when using with small children.

As always, this artisan soap contains natural ingredients, rich oils, creamy butters, silk, clays to give you an extraordinary bathing experience that helps moisturize your skin.

Cherrybomb Artisan Soap

  • To maintain the beauty and long life of your soap, never let it sit in water.

    Allow soap to dry between uses.

    Remove 'fuse' when using with small children, and to prevent it washing into drain.

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