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ELITE Bathing Minerals pamper your body, drenched in some of the costliest exotic essential oils available, skin softening organic colloidal oatmeal and rich, natural mineral crystals create a heavenly experience you will love! ELITE Bathing Minerals elicit relaxation as our proprietary anti-aging blend of aromatic essential oils will soothe your mind; Na-PCA, MSM, Rosehipseed oil and vitamin E are all known anti-aging components, a product that is ours alone. Luxuriate as you soak your cares away...


8 oz.

ELITE Bathing Minerals

  • With the exception of our serums, peels, some masks,  and anhydrous items our products contain our Bio-Available Silver Hydrosol.

    We work hard to ensure that we offer the healthiest, safest products available on the market today, using organic ingredients when possible. We are required by law to use some ingredients to help prevent contamination, but we also use Silver Hydrosol to ensure a safe product and special pump jars to add to the safety of our product.

    Upgrades to products are ongoing as our research and development discover new, natural agents that will enhance the effectiveness of our Lines, and new items are offered regularly.

  • Epsom salt, organic colloidal oatmeal, essential oil, Na-PCA, MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), rosehipseed oil, vitamin E.

    This item is customizable in a wide variety of essential and fragrance oils for a small surcharge.

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