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Obtain the high powered cleansing properties of Silver Hydrosol with lovely fragrances that you can spray directly on fabrics, carpets, drapes and linens. Freshen and sanitize cloth furniture, laundry, sheets, pillowcases and other color safe fabrics with the lovely fragrance of your choice. I personally spray a light mist on my pillowcases and sheets when I go to bed, the light fragrance is such a comforting way to drift off to sleep.

The 100% Silver Hydrosol Formula is perfect for use anytime, but especially handy if colds and flu bugs are going around! You can spray on gloves, clothing, pillowcases and sheets to help kill nasties that come with bacteria/virus presence, and leave a wonderful fragrance of your choice! I use this in my vehicle, lightly spraying the floor mats and seat covers for a burst of fresh fragrance. (We highly recommend that you always spot test your fabrics and surfaces!)

If you are looking for an odor neutralizing spray, for a dollar more, we do offer Country Clothesline,  described as a clean bouquet of freshly dried fabric softener, fresh air, citrus zest, violet leaf, star jasmine and oakmoss. This is the perfect solution for pet beds in between washings, musty fabrics, or other areas and surfaces that might hold on to odors. Again, always do a spot test to make sure your fabrics/surfaces are compatible with this spray, most water safe items are fine.


Pro Tip: Spritz a few pumps of this spray in front of a fan or blowing air vent to get great fragrance coverage while freshening a room!

Essential oil fragrance choices are $1 more per bottle due to rapidly rising costs of imported products. The Country Clothesline odor neutralizing fragrance is also $1 more per bottle.

This formula contains 100% Silver Hydrosol. If you would like a lover price point, try our Clearly Natural 25% Silver Hydrosol Room & Linen Spray!

We highly recommend you do a small spot test with our Linen and Room Sprays in a place that is not seen to be sure your fabric will retain it's color.

Elite Room & Linen Spray 100% Silver Hydrosol Formula

  • We highly recommend you do a fabric/surface spot test your items with this product in an obscure place, to be sure it is compatible with your possessions. NOT recommended for use on leather.

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