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Guava & Fig (yellow/peach color)

Strawberry (pink color)

Blue (Cris Naturals custom fragrance-blue)

Lavender Vanilla (lavender color)


Price is for one Rollie Polli soap.


If you have sensitive skin or just want a true luxury bar of soap that is both gorgeous and functional, we have what you need! We offer both glycerin soap and hand crafted soap that retains it's own natural glycerin, in various sizes and for different uses.

These are very small batch artisan crafted soaps, so you can expect attention to detail, along with one of a kind, unique high end products you won't find anyplace else. We do fun, zany soaps, along with traditional styles, neons, natural, you name it we will offer it as artistic whims dictate. Seasonal offerings are also listed as Holidays come up or seasons change.


We have a variety of soap styles which change all the time, so keep checking to see if we have something you are looking for!

For best results make sure your Cris Naturals soap is kept out of sitting water, and allowed to dry between uses.


Contact us for custom orders at if you want special colors, styles and fragrances.

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