Winter Flu Season special, we are offering10% off all sizes of our new 100% Silver Hydrosol Fragranced Air Sanitizer!

Designed specifically to help sanitize household air and surfaces with the cleansing power of Silver Hydrosol, it imparts a light fragrance as it goes to work. If you can smell the fragrance, the Silver Hydrosl is also present, microscopically touching every surface in that area, so you know it's working. It also helps your home smell fabulous!.


Due to it's nano particle size which creates a larger surface area, Silver Hydrosol is up to 17,000 times more effective than colloidal silver.

DIRECTIONS: We recommend you use Silver Hydrosol Air Sanitizer full strength in your diffuser the first few times for best effect. Once a week add one or two tablespoons to the unit, fill to the maximum water line with our Silver Hydrosol or water for maintenance. It is safe to use full strength for maintenance, if you prefer.

Available in 73 fragrance options, we now offer a high powered odor neutralizing fragrance (Country Clothesline) for those extra musty areas. There is a surcharge for Essential Oil options due to the higher cost.

Do not use Tea Tree Essential Oil with this product if you have indoor pets.

We now offer Silver Hydrosol Air Sanitizer in 3 size options, with substantial savings for the larger sizes.


Colloidal silver is known to kill over 660 bacteria, most viruses and many fungus', and was approved by the FDA as safe and effective in 1938.

This product is NOT for internal use, please use only as an essential oil diffuser fluid.

Silver Hydrosol Air Sanitizer

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  • If you have any problems with this product please contact us. Avoid placing diffuser near pet food and water dishes, and open fish tanks, and do not use the Tea Tree essential oil if you have indoor pets as it may not agree with them.

    This product is not for internal use.