Most tea tree and/or charcoal soap is not pretty, just a functional bar to hide away. We think everyone deserves to have beauty in their life, so we created this lovely, fragrant Tea Tree & Charcoal artisan soap just for you. We kept the tea tree functional, but not so overpowering for those who have sensitivities. As these bars are all crafted in small batches by an overly creative artisan, they will vary in appearance and quality will always be excellent.

This bar is created with skin loving oils and butters that help maintain moisture as it cleans impurities on the skin, and will not clog pores. If you have acne and/or blemish prone or sensitive skin, check out our 21 A/S Skincare line, specially created for your needs!

We use special natural hardners in our bars to help maintain the lifespan and beauty of our artisan soaps. We have square and rectangular bars, which will be chosen at random for shipping unless preferance is stated.

Listing is for one bar of Tea Tree & Charcoal artisan soap, tray and stand not included.

Tea Tree & Charcoal Artisan Facial Soap

  • To maintain the beauty and life span of your artisan soap, allow soap to dry out between uses, and keep in a well drained soap dish.