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One of three Wild Thang artisan soaps that are available, this one has a lovely fruity berry fragrance with a very light vanilla touch. It features an animal stripe throughout the top third, topped with a sparkling silver swirl.

Due to the extremely small batch size there are only a handful of the Wild Thang soaps available. These are natural glycerin soaps that leave your skin feeling soft and moisturized, the rich shea and cocoa butters and exotic oils used are excellent skin conditioners, and the glycerin helps draw moisture to your skin, leaving you a velvety soft silken vixen.

We go the extra mile and add natural components to make our soaps hard so they last longer, to give you better value.

Listing is for one bar of Wild Thang Dusky Blueberry artisan soap. Trays, plates etc. not included.

Wild Thang Artisan Soap-Dusky Blueberry

  • To ensure long and beautiful life of your artisan soap, be sure to keep it on a well drained soap dish, and allow to dry completely between use.

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