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February Into March Have Not Been Kind

Yes, we were laid low by the various bugs floating around, and nearly 2 months later we still have residual effects. It's caused the site to sit here, alone and forlorn with no updates, though we've been keeping tabs on orders so hopefully you, our clients, were none the wiser. We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced as we transitioned from bed ridden and icky, to a gradual climb in energy as spring has been easing in.

We've been perusing new packaging for current items as well as products about to be launched, to help add that pampered and special experience we know our clients enjoy every time they use them.

Oh, in case you didn't hit the Coming Attractions tab on the main page, we have something new that we think you will absolutely love! Glycolic peels are all the rage, and really, why pay hundreds of dollars at a salon for treatments when you can do them in the privacy and comfort of your own home at a fraction of the cost? We kept the acid content to levels that can be used by most people, even with sensitive skin.

Plans are in the works to offer it as a stand alone product as well as a kid, which at this stage will contain a facial pre and post wash, a nutrient enriched toner and protective after peel creme. I have extremely sensitive skin, I used this product for several days in succession and had absolutely no sensitivity issues.

Once the packaging is fixed for this product, it will be up on site for you to order and enjoy!

Have a fabulous March, see you soon!

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