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Happy December! Exciting BIG DEAL!

We could use this little helper in my formulary! Our elves have been busy making Artisan Soaps, beautiful additions to your home or for gifts, also gift packs are in the works, in a very limited number but totally customizable! We have several dozen new fragrances to choose from, and they are simply stunning! New offerings are air fresheners for car, closet or wherever you want a light fragrance, and they are refillable because we also have a new, gorgeous rainbow Aromatherapy oil line in any fragrance we carry. (Photos and links coming soon!) The "BIG DEAL" is a new product we are super excited about, it's a fragrance infused Silver Hydrosol which you can spray or put in an aromatherapy oil diffuser. The benefits to the scented version is that it lends your home a wonderful fragrance, as it sanitizes everything it touches. If you can smell the fragrance, you know it's covering that portion of your home. Colloidal silver was approved by the FDA in 1938 as a safe and effective broad spectrum antibacterial, it also kills most viruses and molds. Silver hydrosol is hundreds of times more effective due to it's nano-particle size, it has more surface area, and lower parts per million are more effective. Silver hydrosol does not cause argyria, so you know you are using the very best form of this gentle, natural substance. You can find more information on our Silver Hydrosol here. You can, of course, put our plain Silver Hydrosol in an aromatherapy oil diffuser for a fragrance free method for sanitizing your home. There will be an introductory special to launch this product, so if you are interested, check back on the site for fragrance lists and prices! We will be changing our Silver Hydrosol containers to opaque white, and will offer a spray pump for sizes larger than 8 oz. The switch is mainly because packaging prices and shipping are skyrocketing, so in order to keep the prices low for you, we are bargain shopping. The shelves also have clear 8 oz. 'stubby' bottles of Silver Hydrosol in very low supplies which will be going up on the website at a great price so stay tuned! Also, I almost forgot, we have been working on getting a nice wand type tinted lip gloss together, and I have some amazing flavors to add to this product!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and are enjoying the build up for a Merry Christmas! Warmest regards, hugs and hot cocoa to you all! Cris CEO Cris Naturals


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