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Cris Naturals

About Our Company

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Our Products​​


We strive to offer health promoting, natural products when possible because our clients matter to us! We don't just sell our product lines, we use them daily, being immune compromised or undergoing medical treatment requires special care in our environment and personal care, and we want our product lines to be safe for all users.


We go the extra mile and provide what our clients need, be it essential oil fragrances, fragrance free products or development of a new product to fill a special need. 


Because we use the finest natural ingredients available to us, that often means we have to source components from across the globe so some of our offerings may cost a little more than what you find in a big box or specialty store. We avoid cheap  harmful chemical ingredients, fillers and unhealthy additives.  

Some products by their very nature have to have some non-natural components, so we try to keep those ingredients as minimal as possible and counter balance them with more healthy additives. Most of our product ingredients may look like chemicals but they are derived from natural objects such as coconuts or olives, Coco Betaine for example, a mild lathering agent, is from coconuts. 

Our ultimate goal is to produce products that our clients feel safe using, do what they are supposed to do,and keep chemical ingredients to the barest minimum possible, (we have no desire to be working with toxins!) and to have happy clients..

Amazing Results


We work hard to keep abreast of current trends, research and ingredient discoveries to offer our clients the healthiest,  best, most cutting edge products on the market.

We love client feedback because we all have individual needs and unique requirements, and personal care needs can vary widely. We are here to provide healthy, natural alternatives to mainstream, mass produced products that are often damaging to our health and wellbeing. 

We are constantly working to improve our product lines and we are open to suggestions as well as any new technology or ingredient that our clients may help us help them improve their personal care. Simply send us an email if you have suggestions or comments, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Absolutely Beautiful


One of our biggest goals is to help our clients feel gorgeous inside and out without compromising their health or ability to access products that may otherwise be off limits due to auto-immune issues or medical treatments. We hope our product lines help these special clients look better and in so doing, help them feel better. 

Our reason for being is to provide a natural alternative to big cosmetic and toiletry company items. 

Give yourself a hug for being such a savvy, informed person, and someone who cares enough to treat their body and soul with health giving, nurturing products, and provide the best for their family. 

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