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Organic & Natural, Fragrance Free

Our goal is to offer clean, wholesome products our clients need to enhance and maintain health so you don't need to search for a specific area on the site to find the "good stuff", it's all good stuff! We use organic products and ingredients when possible and cater to those who wish to use cosmetics and toiletries with minimal chemical components. We feel our product lines are the best, and often the only choice for those who want healthy alternatives to the chemical laden big cosmetic/toiletry industry offerings. We use everything we make and feel our products are far superior in quality, and more conducive to good health than anything we can buy elsewhere or we wouldn't be in the cosmetics and toiletries business!

We are continually researching, looking for new or improved ingredients that help make our products better, healthier, and more nourishing.  While we make our products with a high percentage of organic material, some are wholly organic, we do not choose to purchase the "organic certification" label (it's $500 per product, a cost we would have to pass on to our clients if we chose to use it), we will tell you in the product description if it's 'organic' or 'mostly organic'.

We offer fragrance free versions of almost every single product we carry and offer natural essential oils for your fragrance needs, a healthier alternative to the fragrance oils we also carry. A nice feature of essential oil is that they also have wonderful health benefits! Quite often people who are allergic to fragrance find that they have no reaction to our essential oils (other than 'Ooooh that smells so good!') that is because we do not purchase, use or offer chemically extracted essential oils.

In our aqueous products, we use only Bio-Available Silver Hydrosol (a form of ionic silver colloid-made at our formulary so we know the strength and purity), with the exception of our serums and glycolic peel. This, along with our high end imported and domestic oils and butters make Cris Naturals skin care unique in the industry.


We have a product ingredient page and a current fragrance oil/essential oil page so you may have extra information for a more informed purchase. If you don't see what you are looking for, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Because some of our clients have sensitivity issues, we would like to hear from you, let us know what your issue is and we'll do our best to help find something that will work for you, we probably already carry it (check out our "A/S" line which is specifically formulated for sensitive and acne prone skin). If we have enough requests for something we don't carry, we will create it if it's our ability to do so.

We sincerely hope you are thrilled with our products and enjoy the health promoting goodness they offer.

Cris Naturals CEO

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