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Arriving Soon!

We're excited to announce the formulary is nearly ready to unveil these amazing products that you'll love to add to your beauty regimen!

We are continually working to improve our products and occasionally you will see changes in the ingredient list, it is because we've found something that makes our line even more amazing than it already is!

We have the following items awaiting labels and web site launches:

AROMATHERAPY-Fragrance Oil & Essential Oil Droppers. These gorgeous full strength oils are the best you can obtain, packaged in lovely hombre colored glass bottles with glass treatment droppers and gold collar, they are elegant enough to offer as gifts. We have several dozen fragrances to choose from, prices will vary.

ELITE MAKEUP SETTING SKIN TONER It's here, it's amazing and you will love it! It contains skin loving botanicals, age fighting components, top essential oils and of course, our full strength Silver Hydrosol base!

Check back for more soon!

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