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Manly X-Tra Smooth Body Butter is specially formulated for men's skincare needs. Creamy, buttery goodness imparts a light mantle of rich protection with rich, hydrating shea butter, leaving your skin soft, protected and moisturized. If you need a silky body creme with long lasting moisturizing properties, your search is over.


Crafted with 70% Silver Hydrosol, rich emollients, imported skin nourishing butters and oils, we went the extra mile and added anti-aging Pro-Vitamin B5 and sodium lactate, both skin enhancers that help boost more youthful looking skin!


For extra protection, we also offer this product in a Winter Blend, with added butters and emolients Winter can be harsh on skin, so we have formulated Winter Blend Body Butter!


This is a very long lasting creme, and for those who need a little extra hydrating power without the greasy feel of synthetic, oily petroleum based balms. It can be used under socks or gloves to add extra softening power for those dry, cracked feet and hands.


We offer Cris Naturals Men's Body Butter Winter Blend and Regular blend in a variety of masculine fragrances to order as well as fragrance free. Some fragrances and all essential oil fragrances do carry a small surcharge due to higher costs to us.

Cris Naturals X-Tra Smooth Men's Body Butter

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