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This is our pure Silver Hydrosol, with essential oil and/or fragrance oil added so you can enjoy the fragrance of your choice as you santize your surroundings! While this is meant to be used in a fragrance oil diffuser, it can also be used as a spray for rooms, clothes, hampers, bedding, vehicles, just be sure to do a little patch test before you use it on fabrics or leather to make sure it is color safe. (I've yet to have it discolor anything, but things being what they are, a client somewhere may have issues-better to be safe, right?)


It's a great time to stock up before our Black Friday half off sale is over at midnight Monday November 28th, though we do offer random discounts throughout the year our Holiday savings are the steepest discount we share.  We offer this product in a huge variety of fragrances, made to order just for you, and this product is an excellent and thoughtful gift for all occasions.

For best results use this product in an oil diffuser, use full strength or just a few tablespoons in water basin of diffuser along with water to fill line OR use full strength for more fragrance. Where you smell the fragrance, you know it's working to sanitize all surfaces in that area.

99% Silver Hydrosol Air Sanitizer

PriceFrom $25.00
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