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Cute and ready for spring, these happy daisies are ready to help clean up 'garden hands'! These are made with our best selling Cherrybomb fragrance, a perfect compliment to the spring theme, and who's not ready for spring? Cute enough for gifts, they have a light dusting of golden mica, reminding one of warm sunshine and fresh spring air.

Because these flower shaped artisan soaps are loaded with natural glycerin, rich butters and oils, they help prevent stripping of natural oils so you won't get the chapping and drying that happens with mass produced industry soap bars.

We've added extra natural hardners so your soap will last longer, saving you money.

Flower Patch Daisy Artisan Soap - Cherrybomb

  • To maintain the beauty and life span of your artisan soap, allow soap to dry out between uses, and keep in a well drained soap dish.

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