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If your skin needs some extra duty care, look no farther than our solid lotion bar! Never heard of a lotion bar? It is a solid form of skin nourishing butters and oils, which when applied to skin, locks moisture in, and keeps harsh elements out as it imparts a pleasing fragrance. Perfect for those dry, scaly feet, elbows and hands!

These bars are activated by the heat of your skin, so you can rub it directly on the areas you want extra moisture, or you can rub it in your hands to spread over larger areas. Due to the heat sensitive nature of these bars, it is recommended you keep them in the refrigerator if you are in a hot climate, and keep out of direct sunlight.

Pro Tip: For very dry feet or hands, you can apply the lotion bar, then wear socks or gloves for even more skin softening power.


Dreamsicle is orange and white.
Barber Shop is blue and white, flower shape.

Lavender EO is purple heart shape.

Black Tie is blue, square shape.

Shave & Haircut is light green, square shape.

Black Vanilla Musk is pink/purple floral shape.


Luxury Lotion Bar

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