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For a limited time our Silver Hydrosol A+ is ON SALE!

Cris Naturals Silver Hydrosol A+ is the next step in maintaining health and well being.  We named it A+, because it's Antiseptic (Silver Hydrosol)  PLUS  a natural transdermal carrier (that means it penetrates the skin and carries the Silver Hydrosol deep into tissues).

Silver hydrosol on it's own is an amazing, effective component in fighting bacteria, viruses and fungus, but sometimes infections can be deeper, under the skin's surface, which makes it tough to reach with a topical application.

That is where Silver Hydrosol A+ comes in! This formulation contains natural components that help penetrate the skin, driving the Silver Hydrosol deep into tissues where some infections can be located. This formula is pet and child safe, though does contain sulpher so be aware in case you have sensitivities. It can be taken orally, and used as a mouth rinse, though will be slightly bitter in taste.

I have personally used this product to help me clear up an abcessed tooth, grease burn, infected fingernail, on my pet's infected cut and a host of other issues. It can be sprayed directly on cuts or dabbed on with a clean gauze pad/cotton ball. I have used a gauze pad damped with the solution, and bandaged on to keep it in place with great success.

Silver Hydrosol A+

  • To learn more about Cris Naturals Silver Hydrosol click the link.

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