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We researched the most effective virus, fungus and bacteria killing essential oils in an effort to help create a super high powered air sanitizer.  Cold & Flu Air Sanitizer is the result! It consists of 16 full strength essential oils in a special, synergestic blend that not only sanitizes air, but also imparts a pleasing fragrance!


It contains our 100% Silver Hydrosol, and full strength domestic and imported essential oils that help to gently clear sinuses, help with relaxation, and some are said to help boost the immune system!


This product is intended to be used right from the bottle in a diffuser for maximum cleansing, though it can be diluted with water or our Silver Hydrosol for a lighter air treatment.

Silver Hydrosol Cold & Flu is offered in 8 oz. and 16 oz. sizes.




Silver Hydrosol Cold & Flu Air Sanitizer

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