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Bio-Available Silver Hydrosol (ionic, nanoparticle size silver colloid suspension) is our newest addition to Cris Naturals, just in time for cold and flu issues! Our formula is 6 parts per million and is between 350 and 17,000 times more effective than home made 'colloidal silver'.  We rushed this to market to help people who are needing a safe, natural, effective method of killing bacteria and viruses and offered it on sale so all could afford it if they needed it.

We are working on a spectacular eye creme to help reduce puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles which will be offered in all product lines. Results are extremely promising!

You asked, we listened, we will be offering our products in 'Skin Care Systems' to take the guesswork out of which product works best with others in our product lines.

To simplify your skincare needs, we now have several product lines targeted at individual needs. Each line is color coded to help clients remember which product line they prefer.

Silver and aqua packaging and labels are used for the 21 Line
Gold and white packaging with rose colored labels are used for the ELITE Line

Silver and white packaging with lavender labels are used for the 21 A/S Line

Silver and black packaging with white labels will be used for the new Men's Bulldog Cabin Line (coming soon)


ALL skincare lines are created using our Bio-Available Silver Hydrosol when possible, along with the best skin nutrients available, making Cris Naturals skincare unique in the skin care industry. At this time, the only aqueous products we offer that are not made with the Silver Hydrosol are our serums and glycolic peel. We also took great care and expense to package our products in high end containers to reflect the quality of our lines-and to give our clients something beautiful to use at the makeup table.


21, our core skincare line has expanded and features an amazing Nutrient Mist, AM and PM cremes, Foaming Cleanser, Vitamin C serum, Toner, Mineral Soak and more.

ELITE is our best, most nutrient packed product line, using more of what makes our 21 Skincare Line so incredible!  We've looked at the ingredient labels of products on the market selling for up to $500 a jar  and were shocked to find paraffin, mineral oil, and other substances that we would never use! The ELITE skin care system contains the worlds most luxurious imported oils, costly, pure, essential oils and cutting edge anti-ageing ingredients. The ELITE skincare line consists of the Super Nutrient Spray, Youth Serum, Ultra rich AM & PM cremes, Foaming Cleanser, Toner, Bathing Minerals (loaded with our ELITE essential oil blend, and skin enhancing ingredients!). 
The 21 A/S line of skincare is for those who have Acne or have Sensitive Skin (hence the "A/S" name). This line has a more gentle set of ingredients to prevent breakouts and soothe skin. Rich with imported tea tree and other skin loving essential oils and when product allows, MSM (methylsufonylethane-a sulpher compound that does wonderful things for the skin!) and our Bio-Available Silver Hydrosol, they will help tame inflamed, acne prone skin. We offer this product line in a universal use Facial Creme, Facial Cleanser, Mineral Soak and targeted Nutrient Mist.
We are always in the lab and researching new, innovative skin care ingredients and products so be sure to check back for great natural products being added to the Cris Naturals lineup.

We will be offering a gentle, fabulous 10% glycolic acid peel!

Low acid levels ensure it's gentle even on the most sensitive skin, this glycolic peel is very effective when used on a regular basis with any of our Cris Naturals skin care lines.

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