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Freshen laundry, sheets, pillowcases and other color safe fabrics with the lovely fragrance of your choice. I personally use this as a dampener when ironing, and I also spray a light mist on my pillowcases and sheets when I go to bed, the light fragrance is such a comforting way to drift off to sleep.

This spray contains 25% silver hydrosol for a little extra 'clean'!

If you are looking for an odor neutralizing spray, we do offer Country Clothesline,  described as a clean bouquet of freshly dried fabric softener, fresh air, citrus zest, violet leaf, star jasmine and oakmoss.

We also carry a new odor neutralizing fragrance! Try our lovely Island Breeze fragrance, a tranquil bouquet of water lotus, lily of the valley, rosewater, star jasmine, violet petals, white musk, precious woods and sea moss.


Pro Tip: Spritz a few pumps of this spray in front of a fan or blowing air vent to get great fragrance coverage while freshening a room!

Essential oil choices cost slightly more per bottle due to rapidly rising costs of imported products.

This formula contains 25% Silver Hydrosol, which offers a lower price point for our clients.


If you would like a more potent room sanitizing spray, our 99% Silver Hydrosol Room Sanitizer lends the high powered cleansing properties of Silver Hydrosol with a lovely fragrances that you can spray directly on fabrics, carpets, drapes and linens. (We HIGHLY RECOMMEND you do a small spot test with our Room Sanitizing spray & Linen and Room Sprays in a place that is not seen to be sure your fabric will retain it's color.)

Clearly Natural Room & Linen Spray 25% Siver Hydrosol

  • We highly recommend you do a small fabric spot test with our Linen and Room Sprays in a place that is not seen, to ensure your fabric/surfaces are water safe.

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