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Cris Naturals all natural Skeeter Scooter natural bug repellant has arrived just in time for summer! Lemongrass, citronella and other effective botanical oils are the natural alternative to harmful chemical sprays.


We use medical grade distilled water, silver hydrosol and pure essential oils to create the most effective and natural but repellant! We chose a super fine spray top so you get maximum coverage with less waste. This product is safe for children, but please avoid spraying it in eyes, it could cause minor irritation.


While this product has a fragrance that repels many bugs, some bugs are extra hungry, so when you need it, we have our A+ Silver Hydrosol spray, which when applied to most itchy bites will help soothe irritation, and the silver hydrosol will help prevent infection of irritated area.


Shake well before using. Spray directly on entire area of skin to be protected.


For your, or a child's, face - apply to hands first, then apply to face using hands.Reapply as needed.

This product contains NO DEETS, soy or other harmful ingredients.

Skeeter Scooter is available in several sizes and a convenient 16 oz refill size. Refill size comes with twist cap.

Skeeter Scooter

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