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Welcome to Cris Naturals everyone!

This blog will be a great source for my clients to see what is in development, what is changing, upcoming sales, ingredient discussions and a plethora of other topics that I think you'll find of interest. I'm not the best at routine, so my posts will not likely be daily but I will try to keep it up to date and worth taking some of your time to read.

Let me share a little background with you on Cris Naturals. It began in the early 1990's, my 3rd cousin Jake who had turned 100 was still driving and living at home, his wife having passed away some years before. He began to get arthritis in his shoulder and was having trouble driving, and was considering moving to a nursing home. I have seen some negative things happen in nursing homes, so determined to keep him out of that system by finding something that would help him with his shoulder pain.

Let me step back a few years prior-I was raised by a mother who was deeply into health food, following Adele Davis' recommendations, I recall being loaded up on a fist full of vitamins and having to choke down tomato juice heavily laden with wheat germ and brewer's yeast before grade school. Don't get me started on the strings of seaweed in the spaghetti made with whole wheat noodles (I'm not sure where she even found that stuff back then). My point being, I've been immersed in a 'health' background for my entire life and would much rather feed my body with nutrients than gobble down a chemical wonder drug that has worse side effects than the original complaint. I always try to find a natural method to heal or restore my health, the web makes it a cinch. I've learned to read, read, read and research a lot before taking what I find there as gospel, there are a lot of folks who really don't know what they are doing and post harmful information so I have become a research hound by necessity.

So, I go out on the web and unearth a heap of information on how to help relieve arthritis pain naturally, back then there were literally a thousand times more web sites available on search engines than there are now, so I had a nice fat pile to dig through. I learned how to create a lotion then added the ingredients I discovered were best for arthritis, which took some tweaking and time. When I finally was satisfied with my invention, I proudly handed it to Jake and he was less than enthusiastic. In fact, as far as I know, he never used it! Not being one to let all that time, trouble and knowledge go to waste, I began to look into making more products, I found it challenging and fun though expensive. I needed to sell it in order to maintain the ability to keep playing, so I developed a small product line and pedaled it to local businesses.

I was in college at the time after having been in a catastrophic car accident that left me jobless and years of doctors which ate up what little settlement I would have received. It turned out there were blessings there, I was in college taking Graphic Design which helped me with product labeling and packaging. My work allowed me to make products and label them for individual stores as well as sell under my own label.

The main store who carried product quit business, and I chose at that time to close shop as well. Jet forward to 2015, I had a lot of people asking me to open shop again. Unfortunately my entire recipe catalogue was destroyed and I had to start from scratch, but I've found that having to relearn everything has been good, a lot has happened since I closed doors, science has provided some amazing nature based skin rebuilding, firming, and restorative components that I am able to use to best advantage for my product lines. I've found that these ingredients are simply amazing in the results they have and I'm thrilled to be able to share them with you. I'm always on the prowl for new and better ingredients because I want the very best for me, my family and especially my clients.

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