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74F Today...Snow On Monday?

It's definitely time to pull up a cozy chair, grab your favorite fluffy throw, a mug of hot cocoa and watch the dancing flames of the fall camp fire! The smokey air, crisp breezes, golden light from leaves changing into their fall attire always bring a bit of melancholy as I prepare for 4 months of the harsh, grey days of winter ahead. Staying inside to create Christmas products has been my very favorite pastime, dreaming up items I know my clients will love and feel secure using as an alternative to the harsh chemical laden offerings of other companies. We are preparing to launch our revamped mens' line, as well as a few things for the kids, and mom, too! This is the busiest time of year for us, as we harvest our orchard, pluck the ripe clusters of several varieties of grapes, and rake up the English walnuts for their winter curing. We'll be throwing another log on the fire, putting the garden to bed for the winter and looking forward to another year of serving our lovely clientele, we truly do appreciate you! Cris President, Cris Naturals

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