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Fall Glory Is Just Around The Corner!

This means, of course that Christmas items are already in big box stores! I kid you not, Walmart has Christmas trees and ornaments on shelves. In SEPTEMBER! A clerk told me they wanted to avoid people rushing to buy for the season, due to Covid-19. Any port in a storm, I suppose! The cool, crisp days of fall are only days away, and we are preparing for this by offering new sales and fragrances to go along with the cozy warmth of a crackling fire, as Jack Frost nips at the night air. The formulary is busy creating fall and winter themed soaps, lotions, balms and all sorts of amazing items with heady fragrances to match! Watch for specials, offers and sales in the coming months, as we gear up for the last quarter of 2020! Our current limited time promotions are our Covid 19 special for Silver Hydrosol, buy one get the 2nd same size bottle 1/2 off, or buy 2 get one same size free.

Our 2nd promotion is for our 21 A/S (Acne/Sensitive skin) line, 20% off, and this includes the kit which already gives you a substantial savings, while supplies last! We will be reintroducing our men's care line with some incredible new items and fragrance offerings. Shampoo, beard conditioner and oils, saving soap, body wash, whatever we can think of to make our charming fellows smell and look their best! And really, what's sexier than a clean, great smelling chap?

We also will have products for the little ones, (Psst! We are bringing back our wildly popular seasonal Santa Spray, complete with sparkles and yummy fragrance!) We wish you a safe and healthy end to your summer and beginning of Autumn!

Cris President, Cris Naturals


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