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What did Punxatawny Phil say?

Who cares, regardless SPRING is on it's way! Are you ready for Valentine's Day? I hope so, we have uploaded to our soap and product page some very sweet heart shaped soaps that would make great gifts!

We have Therapeutic Mineral Bathing Crystals in 9+ oz jars, Cris Naturals FRESH Mini Aromatherapy diffusers, mini Bath Bubbler bath bombs and a host of other products that can be bundled to make a great gift for your loved one, and we will be adding Creamy Bath Whip along with Elite Facial Toner/Makeup Setting Spray to the site in the coming days so stay tuned!

We've uploaded a great array of our handcrafted artisan soaps to the website, because they are crafted in very small batches there is a limited supply. In the incubator, we have newly hatched Pacifica men's soap, ready for use March 1st, it smells fabulous, in a Cool Water type, and looks like the ocean. Also in the incubator, ready for adoption Valentine's Day, is the amazing Satsuma Orange and Cranberry artisan soap bar. If you like fresh citrus fragrances you will love this amazing soap!

Of course we also have our ever popular Silver Hydrosol, still at a great savings! Our Silver Hydrosol Air Sanitizer in the fragrance of your choice has been a best seller since we launched it. It's formulated to be put in your home diffuser which puts a fine mist into the air. If you can smell the fragrance, you know it's working to sanitize surfaces it touches in that location.

We hope your January was restorative, and hope your February is happy, healthy, prosperous and blessed!


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