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What's YOUR social distance?

Mine? Center of a few acres, 5 foot fence all around. I'm guessing about 120 feet. My cat's refuse to practice this.

Oh well, since this CV thing how many of you have been forced out of your natural habitat of procrastination and pushed into doing things you delighted in putting off? Yeah, me too. I got most of the website done today, YAY! How can one forget something they just did 3 minutes earlier? URGH, all day, this was me. Anyhoots, it's after 10pm Left Coast time, I'm gloating over the fact that I have got 95% of the website done, so I'm here crowing about it and thinking about having a little celebratory cocktail. Stay frosty out there, I just wanted you to know I was legit busy today. Oh, and if you think about it, would you check the links on your end? They work on my end but that seems to be 'unique'.


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