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HAPPY SPRING CoronaCaptives!

I hope all is well with you, and you are weathering this fascinating time in US history with aplomb and beauty, it's something to tell your grandchildren about in the future! Look to the positive and take the time to get close to friends and family, take up those hobbies you have been longing to do but didn't have time for (Spring cleaning can WAIT-the dust bunnies won't mind!).

Pamper yourself, read a cheezy novel, watch some film noir, take a long bath and partake of your favorite beverage, eat forbidden fruit (I'm doing Keto so almost all fruit is forbidden!). RELAX.

Due to the Covid-19 issue we have rushed to get our Bio-Available Silver Hydrosol on the site, people are cleaning out the shelves in health food stores and online marketplaces of silver colloid solutions, so we thought it prudent to provide this while people are in need. This is a great product that no one should be without, and strived to price it so that anyone can afford it with a special sale to run during the virus outbreak.

We have some amazing improvements on our products as well as new products to offer on site that we can't wait for you to see and try, we think you will be very happy with the effective results. I looked at high, high end products on Sephora ($500+ per 1.7 oz!) and found some had paraffin, others had cheap fillers and this really surprised me! Being someone who is immune compromised, I refuse to use such products (and would even if I was a gazillionaire) and that is one of the reasons this company exists; we don't use substandard ingredients, and we couldn't in all good conscience expect you to. Our pledge to you, our clients, is to make our products as health promoting, non-toxic as possible so you can feel safe every time you use Cris Naturals items. We hope to have all the new items up on the website within a few weeks; the site has needed entirely redone as all products were liquidated last year, products were reformulated and new packaging was created for 2020. It should be an excellent year my friends!

Be safe, be relaxed, enjoy the calm in the eye of the storm!

Cris Naturals CEO


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