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What's Cookin' in the Formulary Today?

Glad you asked! We have our new Acne & Oily Skin Magic Mask and oil free nutrient activator plus the 21 and Elite series Vitamin C & Collagen Mask for Dry, Normal & Mature Skin with a super enriched activator that will knock your socks off! Yes, it's mask day,

Did we mention we have a great new line in the works, packed to the rafters with amazing ingredients that give incredible results! It will have every bit of our 21 line goodness with a punch of super age defying, re-hydrating and preventative ingredients that put this line heads above the best that's out there. Stay tuned for the grand unveiling and introductory sale!

For those of you waiting for your sample packs, we're waiting for more sample envelopes, and we'll get those fabulous samples to you as soon as we get our packaging!

Stay safe, the roads are slick and we're under a Winter Storm Warning (loads of the fluffy white stuff is in the process of making skiiers, snowboarders and sledders very happy, the rest of us, not so much.)

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